Jami L. Saloman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Neurobiology
University of Pittsburgh

Email: jls354@pitt.edu

BA, Boston University, 2006; PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore, 2012;                 Fellow University of Pittsburgh, 2013; Research Assistant Professor, 2017;              Assistant Professor, 2019

Jami L. Saloman, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Saloman received her B.A. from Boston University where she studied Psychology and Neuroscience. Dr. Saloman performed undergraduate research in the laboratory of Dr. Jacqueline Liederman studying the effects of context of language on perception. Dr. Saloman received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where she studied the interactions of ion channels and GPCRs in the context of orofacial muscle pain. Dr. Saloman was a post-doctoral fellow and research faculty with Dr. Brian Davis at the University of Pittsburgh. The focus of her research is on the role of the nervous system and neuroplasticity in multifactorial pain conditions, that can involve both nerve injury and inflammation. Dr. Saloman’s current research has focuses in neurobiology of pain and cancer, biomarker work, and the development of novel mouse and nonhuman primate models of pancreas disease. She has made important contributions to the field of cancer neuroscience and pancreatitis pain. She utilizes a variety of approaches ranging from in vitro studies of isolated cells and co-cultures to in vivo assays that assess neuro-immune interactions in the tumor microenvironment and tumor growth. Dr. Saloman is also actively studying mechanisms of pain in non-malignant pain conditions. She has employed novel optogenetic models and behavioral assays, and more recently the study of clinical populations suffering from chronic pain.