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Peripheral Neurobiology Lab

The Saloman Laboratory is always seeking medical researchers that have demonstrated interest and adequate preparation to address important questions in the neurobiology of pain and cancer as well as how peripheral nerves communicate with other systems. We us a variety of cellular and molecular methods as well as anatomical, behavioral, optogenetic, calcium imaging, and flow cytometry.

Academic Positions


Graduate students


Prospective graduate students can rotate in the lab after admission to several graduate programs: Neuroscience  CNUP, Cell Biology and Moleculary Physiology (CBMP), MD/PhD program (MSTP), or biomedical master’s program (BMP). If you are interested in the lab before or after admission, please email me.


Postdocs or Senior Scientists
Postdoctoral candidates should email me with a CV, cover letter summarizing their graduate work and describing their future interests and three references. Currently, accepting U.S. Citizens or individuals with a green card. 


All undergraduate students are welcomed to send their CV/resume and a statement of interest.


Staff positions

Research specialist

The Saloman Lab is seeking a candidate with experience in either neuroscience, immunology or tumor models to investigate neuroimmune interactions in the context of cancer. 

If you are interested in these positions or want more information, please send CV/resume to Dr. Saloman